Moving tips



1.    Use professional packing materials as these will save time and ensure the safety of your goods.

2.    Make sure that all cartons are strapped securely; top and bottom. Use carton sealing tape and not masking tape or duct tape.

3.    Label all fragile boxes as fragile.

4.    Label all cartons; Cartons should be labelled for contents and destination on two sides of a carton to make work easy for you to move and identify where each carton is to go.

5.    Empty desk drawers. Desks often need to be turned on their side to get through doors ways and loose items may fall out.

6.    Make a list of all items you will need for a few days prior to and immediately following your move. These items should be separated and labelled “DO NOT MOVE.” These items should include soaps, towels, Toothpaste, toilet paper, blankets and immediately needed clothes.

7.    When doing your house survey please show us everything that is to be moved and tell our representative about any items you won’t be moving.

8.    Why not leave the hard work to us? Simply meet us at the doorstep and then go out to town for the day. We will take care of everything.


 Packing Tips

1.    Pack heavy items in small cartons i.e. books records canned goods.

2.    Fill all cartons to the top; half-filled cartons tend to crush.

3.    Do not however, overfill cartons as grounded cartons are hard to pack.

4.    Place a protective bumper at the bottom and the top of cartons you pack with fragile items- to make a bumper you simply take three loose sheets of con printed newspaper and roll them together.

5.    Keep all your passports and driving licence, bank cards, medical details at hand. These can be very difficult to find in an emergency.



Time is a very precious commodity, especially that

of our client,so once contact is established with us

we set a process in motion that will help you plan

and execute your transition stress free!

Our Fleet

We own a sufficient fleet that will suffice for your 

move. Aside from trucks, we do have small

vehicles that will transport the members of

your family, particularly children or those with special needs

Our Staff

At Dasambi, we do have a large and well trained

staff that is available to make sure your work is

done with utter most competency and