We are a quality Driven Company providing Comprehensive moving solutions on affordable rates. Your trustworthy ,Professional and dependable moving partner. Dasambi Movers was founded with the vision that moving can be a relaxing and interesting experience.We will move you locally and across borders.

Why Dasambi?

Professional and Experienced: Each of our service is delivered by specialist with knowledge , experience, skills and training relevant to the customer ‘s needs.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to provide efficient moving solutions that combine quality and professionalism with value pricing while maintaining a customer driven entity in partnership with our customers.

Our Core Values

  • we operate in honesty and dignity
  • we are committed to the satisfaction of every client
  • we are innovative and strive to improve continually 
  • we provide leadership
  • we are driven by quality and excellence in all aspects of the business

At Dasambi Movers, we have earned our reputation as a full service company that combines quality performance with affordable low rates to meet your Moving needs.


Whether it’s commercial or Residential, we provide professional and dependable services that is efficient and flexible. We take pride in our dedication to leaving customers satisfied. We are the best KENYAN moving company.


Time is a very precious commodity, especially that

of our client,so once contact is established with us

we set a process in motion that will help you plan

and execute your transition stress free!

Our Fleet

We own a sufficient fleet that will suffice for your 

move. Aside from trucks, we do have small

vehicles that will transport the members of

your family, particularly children or those with special needs

Our Staff

At Dasambi, we do have a large and well trained

staff that is available to make sure your work is

done with utter most competency and