Do you have a question regarding your move? please refer to the frequently asked questions listed below. If your question is not answered, please contact us directly for more information. Our customer service department is also available to assist you.

1.    How long will it take to move me from a three Bedroom Flat from Westlands to Langata?

2.    Can your company move me on Sunday?

3.    My House is a 2 Bedroom; Can you hurry the job and have it done within three hours since I am very busy?

4.    IT is now 11:30 am; Can you come to the house and move me today?

5.    Do I need to call an Electrician to remove and fix my DSTV, Dish and Decoder?

6.    Who is going to fix my Aerial?

7.    Your Truck looks small; will all my things fit inside?

8.    Will you help unpack my Goods at Destination?

9.    What about my bed & Wall unit, who will assemble them for me?

10.  My coats have just come from Dry cleaner and are well ironed, how will you ensure that they are not creased?


Our Charges are based on the time taken, the material used and the number of Movers deployed.

That is why we always begin by conducting a ‘Moving Survey.  It is only after the survey that we are able to give you a Quotation and moving advice. Our prices however, are very fair and our service level is very high.

Will you insure my things in case of breakages?

We would like to remind you that it is important to inform your insurer when you are moving.. we do not have a cover for your items but we can get one for you on the day of moving and forward the cost to you.. moving covers are cheap and affordable. 


Time is a very precious commodity, especially that

of our client,so once contact is established with us

we set a process in motion that will help you plan

and execute your transition stress free!

Our Fleet

We own a sufficient fleet that will suffice for your 

move. Aside from trucks, we do have small

vehicles that will transport the members of

your family, particularly children or those with special needs

Our Staff

At Dasambi, we do have a large and well trained

staff that is available to make sure your work is

done with utter most competency and